170 Years of Making Pianos at Seiler

Seiler’s success is based on experience, the spirit of innovation and skilled craftsmanship passed on from generation to generation. 

They create a masterpiece of piano manufacture from precisely made parts in more than a hundred steps of work – the basis for perfect playing throughout decades. Although the technology is hardly visible to the player, the transparent sound of a Seiler becomes obvious at the first touch.

The Sound of Tradition

Each Seiler instrument is 100 % made in Kitzingen, Bavaria. All details, including the tuning pins and strings, are premium quality products from Germany. With a genuine Seiler you receive a unique masterpiece of craftsmanship, which can fulfil your highest demands and convinces with its external and internal values.

Johannes Seiler instruments are skillfully made according to approved Seiler guidelines. Thanks to our knowhow that has been handed down and cultivated through generations, selected materials and a well thought-out design, you receive a sophisticated instrument with a great price-performance ratio.

Professional pianists need an instrument that allows them to express their skills in all their facets. Seiler grand has been exclusively created for that purpose: it opens new dimensions for performing masterly piano works.

Seiler 186 Maestro
First class instrument with powerful and warm sound


Seiler 186 Louvre
A masterpiece with exquisite cherry wood inlaid and rosewood ornaments


Seiler 278 Konzert
Full concert grand. The ultimate luxury in beauty and sound


Seiler 116 Konzept 6
Limited Edition

Beauty combined with utility


Seiler 116 Ritmo
The most affordable made in Germany piano


Seiler 132 Konzert with SMR
Upright grand piano with Super Magnetic Repetition (SMR)


Quality speaks for itself – there is not much to add. When coming into contact with a Seiler upright, almost no one can resist its musical qualities.

Seiler 122 Konsole
Optimum dynamics, harmonics and acoustic richness