Kayserburg Heritage Series GDH148P Baby Grand Piano with Prodigy AutoPlay


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Kayserburg Heritage Series Baby Grand Piano with Prodigy Player 


Length: 148cm/ 4'10"


Entertainment At Your Fingertips- Prodigy Player

Created by musicians for musicians, adding the Prodigy player system to your Kayserburg grand piano gives you the enriching experience of playing acoustic piano with modern technology. 

Developed by Pearl River Piano Group and PianoDisc, the Prodigy Bluetooth wireless automatic performance systems greatly enhance both in-home entertainment and professional performances. 


Awarded "Recommended Product” at Music China Shanghai Show

The sophisticated solenoid system offers a staggering 1,024 levels of expression, delivering playbacks of unmatched nuance.

In addition, the Prodigy player system serves as an audio player and accompaniment device, can record performances, and in Silent Mode can allow players to practice without disturbing neighbors.

Ask your Kayserburg retailer about ordering one of the different configurations available that will meet your enjoyment needs. The Pro-record and the silent mode are optional systems available as an upgrade to your Pearl River Prodigy player system. 


Various Genres of Your Choice

The Prodigy system comes pre-loaded with 600 songs in various genres, including Classical, Jazz, Popular, Showtunes, and Ethnic music.

Included is an 8-inch, 32 GB  smart tablet that connects via Bluetooth to give you easy and precise control of playback. The tablet can also access thousands of songs that are available online at the PianoDisc library.

A PianoDisc speaker is included, providing orchestral and voice capabilities when listening to piano concerts with full orchestra, jazz ensembles with vocal and instrumental.

Besides Bluetooth, there are Analog, TOSLINK, MIDI 5-pin DIN, USB, and Bluetooth MIDI inputs and outputs for more ways to connect to your Kayserburg piano than ever before.

Crafted with Finest Materials:

  • Brass Hardware

  • Rösslau wire, Cooper Wound Bass Strings

  • Renner Hammers From Germany

  • All Spruce Tapered Soundboard

  • Pearl River Action

  • Slow Fallboard

  • Ebony Sharps

Cut-Thread Tuning Pins

Rather than stamping the pin thread, nickel-plated and cut-thread tuning pins offer more precision and control for longer lasting tuning. The pins are set into a block made of cross-laminated, quarter sawn maple or beech for maximum resistance on the tuning pin thread.

Tapered Soundboards

  • For greater dynamic range and improved sustain, all Kayserburg pianos have tapered soundboards crafted entirely of tight-grained, European quarter-sawn, solid spruce from remote regions as varied as Siberia to the mountains of Central Europe are the hallmark of Kayserburg pianos.

  • Each soundboard is given years of special seasoning, then handcrafted to ensure a precise crown (natural bowing).


  • Hammer design with imported German felt that is formed over select hardwood cores and then fastened to the cores with t-shaped steel wires for the maximum resilience and structural integrity.

  • Improved hammer shanks adopt the grand piano concept for the ultimate balancing while each hammer requires a minimum of five inspections to earn quality control certification.


  • To accurately transmit the vibration of each string to the soundboard, the bridge must be extremely strong, rigid, and resonant.

  • Kayserburg pianos feature vertically Beech and Rosewood bridges, for increased rigidity, with a solid beech cap. The bridge is dowelled and screwed to the soundboard.


Kayserburg uses only the best: Röslau strings from Germany, with solid surgical grade steel treble strings and solid copper hand-wound bass strings.


  • Length: 4′ 10″
  • Width: 59.25″
  • Height: 39″
  • Weight: 281kg

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