Kayserburg Z-Series Franz Collection KA243Z Full Concert Grand Piano


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Kayserburg Z-Series Franz Collection

Full Concert Grand Piano


Dimension: 243cm/ 7'9"


Pearl River Piano Group is pleased to launch the limited edition DRAGON PEARL Z Series, the collection is a group of 9 Kayserburg concert grand model KA243Z.

This is the first collectors series in collaboration with Franz Collection, Inc.

Franz Collection is a Taiwanese porcelain brand named after the founder’s German name “Franz”.

The collection of this company includes porcelain tableware, vase, and jewelry. Founded in 2001 and headquartered in Taipei, Franz Collection Inc. designs, creates and markets a variety of functional and home decor accessories.


  • Hand procesed and premium selection of Pianos

  • Limited supply to global distinguished dealers only.

  • The suffix – Z is added to the model plate, including Kayserburg, Ritmüller and Pearl River pianos.

Crafted with Finest Materials:

  • Röslau Strings, Made in Germany

  • Renner Hammers, Made in Germany

  • Solid Tapered Spruce Soundboard made by Strunz

  • Renner Action, Made in Germany

  • Germany Dehonit pin block 

  • Germany Laukhuff keyboard

Finest Strings Settings

  • All piano strings are tied down one by one and completely stretched to further enhance the piano’s acoustics.

  • All Z Series Pianos are placed in climate-controlled environments for extended periods to acclimatize.


  • Hammer design with imported German felt that is formed over select hardwood cores and then fastened to the cores with t-shaped steel wires for the maximum resilience and structural integrity.

  • Improved hammer shanks adopt the grand piano concept for the ultimate balancing while each hammer requires a minimum of five inspections to earn quality control certification.

Wet Sand Cast Plates

  • The plate supports the incredible tension placed on the instrument by its strings.Made with the highest-quality pig iron formed in wet sand molds, with CNC machined and fully finished.

  • Wet sand cast plates are stronger and do not produce undesirable harmonic feedback.


  • To accurately transmit the vibration of each string to the soundboard, the bridge must be extremely strong, rigid, and resonant.

  • Kayserburg pianos feature vertically Beech and Rosewood bridges, for increased rigidity, with a solid beech cap. The bridge is dowelled and screwed to the soundboard.

Tapered Soundboards


  • For greater dynamic range and improved sustain, all Kayserburg pianos have tapered soundboards crafted entirely of tight-grained, European quarter-sawn, solid spruce from remote regions as varied as Siberia to the mountains of Central Europe are the hallmark of Kayserburg pianos.

  • Each soundboard is given years of special seasoning, then handcrafted to ensure a precise crown (natural bowing).


  • Height: 101 cm

  • Width: 165 cm 

  • Length: 243 cm 

  • Weight: 455 kg

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