Kayserburg Z-Series KAM5Z Upright Grand Piano


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KAYSERBURG Z-Series Upright Grand Piano


Height: 132cm


  • Hand procesed and premium selection of Pianos

  • Limited supply to global distinguished dealers only.

  • The suffix – Z is added to the model plate, including Kayserburg, Ritmüller and Pearl River pianos.

German craftsmanship complimented by 21st century technical expertise have combined to create the ultimate in fine musical instruments.

European design experts to spearhead the creation of some of the finest pianos in the world. The result are state of the art instruments for highest musical demands.

Crafted with Finest Materials:

  • Hammers
  • Double Action Rest Rail
  • Jack - Limited Rail
  • Wet Sand Cast Plates
  • Bridges
  • Asymmetric Back Post Structure
  • Ribs
  • Keys
  • Tapered Soundboards
  • Cut-Thread Tuning Pins
  • Strings


    • Hammer design with imported German felt that is formed over select hardwood cores and then fastened to the cores with t-shaped steel wires for the maximum resilience and structural integrity.
    • Improved hammer shanks adopt the grand piano concept for the ultimate balancing while each hammer requires a minimum of five inspections to earn quality control certification.

    Acclimatized For The World

    • In crafting each Kayserburg piano, humidity and temperature levels are strictly controlled by dehumidifier and air-conditioning systems to ensure a consistent environment throughout the production line.
    • Poods are expertly cured to specific moisture contents, which reduces the natural tendency for wood to swell and contract with humidity fluctuation.

    Double Action Rest Rail

    • The Kayserburg vertical pianos action has been doubled from a single rest rail to give the hammer shank more accuracy and to offer more accurate control for both volume and sustain.

    Wet Sand Cast Plates

    • The plate supports the incredible tension placed on the instrument by its strings.Made with the highest-quality pig iron formed in wet sand molds, with CNC machined and fully finished.
    • Wet sand cast plates are stronger and do not produce undesirable harmonic feedback.

    Asymmetric Back Post Structure

    • Kayserburg vertical pianos have an unequal distance, asymmetric back post structure to support the difference in string tension.
    • Scientifically designed to balance the bearing capacity of each sound section, the structure provides added stability and strength.
    • Kayserburg verticals have an inner rim of solid beech and solid spruce backposts for a sound that’s warm, clean, and distinct.


    • Height: 132.3cm
    • Width: 154.1cm
    • Depth: 66.5cm
    • Weight: 271kg

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