Ritmuller Superior Series RS122 Upright Piano

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Ritmuller Superior Series Upright Piano RS122 

Height: 122cm

Authentic Piano with Premium Materials:


  • Silver Hardware 
  • German Röslau wire, Copper Wound Bass Strings
  • German Renner Hammers
  • Solid Tapered Spruce Soundboard
  • Slow Fallboard
  • Ebony Sharps
  • Pearl River Action

    Cut-Thread Tuning Pins

    A tuning pin that has been manufactured by a stamping machine creates an unreliable means of keeping a piano in tune. Ritmüller relies on only cut-thread tuning pins that produce a superior thread that gives the technician precise control and longer-lasting tuning.

    Wet Sand-Cast Plates

    The foundation of a piano is the plate whose strength supports the incredible tension placed by the strings on the instrument.

    Ritmüller uses the finest quality pig iron, named after its shape after being melted in foundries then poured into wet sand molds.

    Wet sand-cast plates provide more mass for strength, and do not produce undesirable harmonic feedback like vacuum processed plates.

    New Tapered Solid Spruce Soundboard

    Hand-selected for color and grain, our new tapered design soundboard evenly distributes the strings vibrations creating a smoother, warmer sound.As the source of a piano’s voice, the careful selection of wood and the design of its soundboard are critical.

    Ritmüller 100% close-grained spruce tapered soundboards allow for improved flexibility to create a greater dynamic range and improved sustain.

    New Solid Wood Bass Bridge

    By adopting a unique bending structure design, which eases conduction for rapidity and accuracy, our bass bridges reduce the energy consumption during the vibration of the strings, while enriching the overall sound effect.

    Finest Quality, Seasoned Hardwoods

    Rather than less costly “select hardwoods” found in consumer-grade pianos, Ritmüller uses only the best woods for each application in every piano we make.

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