Ritmuller UP110R2 Upright Piano


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Ritmüller Piano

World's Oldest Piano Maker in Germany, Since 1795

Classic Series: UP-110R2 

Ebony Polished

The very fine aesthetic of this piano is characterized by a lid opening type grand piano that promotes the dissemination of its excellent sound. Made by PEARL RIVER, the best selling piano maker in the World.

RITMULLER pianos have a rounded, mellow tone and a light, easy to play action making them ideal for all musical genres and playing abilities where room space or access is an issue.

Ritmüller Is A Time-Honored Trademark Totally Recreated For The Modern Era. The Performance, Premium And Classic Upright Piano Lines Of The Brand Reflect Impeccable Standards Of Quality And Design.

Action: Manufactured With Traditional European Craftsmanship. All Wood Parts Are Made From Hard Maple And Precisely Produced By Advanced CNC Digital Machinery To Ensure Even Touch.

* Length: 1.483mm
* Width: 591mm
* Height: 1.179mm

Action Rail: Extruded Aluminum

Backposts: Spruce

Bridges: Vertically Laminated With Solid Maple Cap Creating The Accurate And Precise Transfer Of Sound Frequency Vibration Resulting In A Purer Tone

Fallboard: Standard

Hardware: Brass

Hammers: Specially Selected Hammer Felt, With An Excellent Balance Of Elasticity And Firmness, Formed To Produce A Rich Assertive Tone

Key Bed: Butcher-Block Spruce

Key Material: Premium Spruce, Select Straight Grain With Genuine Ebony Wood Sharps

Middle Pedal: Practice

Pinblock: 17 Cross-Plied Laminations Of Hard Rock Maple, Cold Pressed And Age Cured To Provide Tuning Pin Stability

Plate: Sand-Cast, CNC ProcessedSoundboard: All Spruce, Core Assembled With Vertical Grain, Crafted To Provide Maximum Tonal Response And Structural Integrity

Strings: German Röslau Wire

Tuning Pins: Steel, Cut Thread, Nickel Plated To Prevent Rusting And Maintain Pin Position

Ritmüller Classic offers the impressive Ritmüller German touch and tone with a variety of models perfect for families and schools, whether the performer is a student or an advanced player.

RITMULLER pianos have a rounded, mellow tone and a light, easy to play action making them ideal for all musical genres and playing abilities where room space or access is an issue.
An Appreciation of Nature
Ritmüller is committed to using natural resources sparingly and responsibly. Our sustainable production processes have received environmental certification to ISO 14001 and management certification to ISO 9001 as verification of this responsibility.
Born in Germany, Respected Worldwide

* 5 Years Full Guarantee on parts and workmanship
* Free Delivery
* Free Tunings: 2 (Available from Mon – Sun)
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