Pearl River Smart Piano iNSPIRE Pi120E


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5 Years Warranty

A Smart Piano that inspires music.
The first in Singapore and Southeast Asia.

Freedom to customize whichever way you like
This Smart Piano is suitable for beginners to professional players. It is essentially an acoustic piano combined with an intelligent digital system to facilitate a variety of smart functions including Automatic Playing, Playing Recording and Playback, Multimedia Learning & Entertainment, and many more.

Switch between two modes as you like: Switch on the digital system for WiFi-enabled smart piano, or switch off to play it as a high-end performance acoustic piano.

Database library of over 1,000 music scores & tunes

From classical music to contemporary pop tunes, both music scores & tunes are available for download at no extra cost. New content will be added with online updates to the library.

Piano lesson videos & games pre-loaded

Aimed towards piano players of all stages and ages, there are instructional videos (1:1 multi-angle view of piano keyboard) from China’s celebrity pianists. Piano games and lessons designed for children to learn and be entertained, are also available.

Sing-Along & Karaoke Features

Play the piano and sing at the same time with the synchronized lyrics display option and your own microphone plugged in.

Record your own play

Every note and dynamic of your piano playing is captured; it literally writes out the music score in real-time based on what you play. Enable the playback function thereafter to review your own performance. You can also save the  music score file for future reference.

Silent Piano feature
Plug in your headphones to facilitate silent piano practice function.

Play and Learn New Songs

Learn to play new songs either by following the display screen prompts in hitting the piano keyboard, or follow the moving pointer while reading the music score on the display.

7 Pedals that enables full expression

Sostenuto, sustain, soft pedals. Plus page turner & multiple functions activator pedals.

Automatic playing
Watch the automatic moving keys while your favourite music is being broadcast. You can even enhance the viewing experience by selecting from a maximum of 8 display modes (waterfall, video, music score, etc.) on the 4K HD front panel display.

4K Ultra High Definition Front Panel Display

Equipped with a 43-inch screen size, 3840 x 1080 resolution at 32:9 screen ratio, elevating the pianist viewing experience to a whole new level.


  • 5 Years Full Guarantee on parts and workmanship
  • 1 Year warranty on digital operating system
  • Free Delivery
  • Free Tunings: 2 (Available from Mon – Sun)
  • Lifetime CRISTOFORI Membership and enjoy wide range of products and services at 15% off
  • 7 days / week after-sales service, Technical Backup by CRISTOFORI Technical Team, Singapore’s Largest Piano Company with 20 technicians.
  • Accept trade-in of your old piano


  • Piano Heater
  • Keyboard Felt Cover
  • Adjustable Open Piano Stool
  • Pedal Socks
  • Piano Cover
  • Cleaning Cloth
  • Piano Shine Polisher
  • Key Cleaner
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