Toyo Apollo Upright Piano JUP1


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5 Years Guarantee

Country of Origin Made in Japan
Iron Frame Japanese Scale. Sand Cast
Strings SUZUKI, Made in Japan
Agraffes Full Agraffe
Bass Strings Solid copper wound bass strings
Soundboard Spruce ,optimised for vibration
Rib material Spruce
Bridge material Hard Maple
Pin Block material Hard Maple, multi-laminated
Tuning Pin Cut Thread, Chromed
Hammer Felt FFW™, Made in Germany. 100% Natural Wool
Keyboard 88 Solid Spruce key wood
Key Surface White: Acrylic Resin
Black: Phenolic Resin
Fall board Soft Close
Key Lock Yes
Pedal Soft Pedal, Mute Pedal, Damper Pedal
Caster Brass Double Wheel
Finish Polished Ebony
Dimensions 149cm (W) x 121.5cm (H) x 60cm (D)
Weight 250kg

All specifications subject to changes without notice.

Made in Japan
Perfection Combination of Japanese Innovation and Standards

  • Height: 121cm
  • One of the top few piano manufacturer with prestigious  JIS (Japan Industrial Standard) Mark
  • Assembled with world-standard material : High grade North American Alaskan spruce, Solid spruce double soundboard, SUZUKI strings from Japan and pure wool hammer head felt
  • Toyo Apollo  has  patented  the World’s famous SSS Slide Soft System, a landmark innovation on piano technology that allows an upright piano to perform slide soft pedal like a grand piano
  • The precision Full Agraffe construction for the optimal sound transmission for dynamic tone production


  • 5 Years Full Guarantee on parts and workmanship
  • Free Delivery
  • Free Tunings: 2 (Available from Mon – Sun)
  • Lifetime CRISTOFORI Membership and enjoy wide range of products and services at 15% off
  • 7 days / week after-sales service, Technical Backup by CRISTOFORI Technical Team, Singapore’s Largest Piano Company with 20 technicians.
  • Accept trade-in of your old piano


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